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Establishing project management office (PMO) for client's digital center of excellence

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

As a part of establishing a project management office (PMO) for the digital center of excellence (DCOE) there needed to be a tool to track and report the progress of each initiative within the DCOE taking into account current roadmap and any net new initiatives. With the PMO framework, staffing plan, and Governance established, NorthStar looked at current tools in place and any new tools/vendors needed to create a central repository or system of record. NorthStar’s approach was to analyze current tools to see they would meet the needs of the PMO. Next steps were to look at outside vendors who support Portfolio and Project Management life cycles.

After careful selection, NorthStar helped the client select ServiceNow which was already implemented within the DCOE for intakes and incidents. By highlighting the PPM module in ServiceNow, the client was able to save cost as this tool was prepaid up to 2 years with over 260 licenses. Eliminating the need for an additional costly tool, the client’s challenges were resolved. Implementing the ServiceNow PPM module meant measuring project successes from a dashboard and provided a summary of all portfolios. As a result, the Project Managers maintained their programs and projects within ServiceNow. NorthStar also provided training for all PMs and other resources as well as created a much-needed Project Request process and form within ServiceNow for all net new implementations.

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