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Presenting on the Value of Social Intelligence for a Graduate Class

Each year, NorthStar gives a presentation on Social Intelligence 101 to the advertising graduate students at a well-known state university in the Mid-Atlantic. The university previously had an account for the tool Brandwatch but was not getting the most out of the tool. The professors were not well trained in using the tool and were unable to create clear assignments for the students to go into Brandwatch and analyze in the tool.

We timed our guest speaker engagements around the Super Bowl each year, in order to provide assignments to the students to evaluate the consumer reaction to each Super Bowl ad on social media. The students would then present to our team the following week to be “graded” on their ability to leverage the Brandwatch tool.

When the university no longer was able to afford Brandwatch, they came to NorthStar for advice. We set them up with a more cost-effective package within Talkwalker and provide a smooth hand-off to the Talkwalker onboarding team that trained the students and professors on how best to leverage the tool across all of their accounts.

We continue to present our Value of Social Intelligence overview each year around the Super Bowl, now giving the students their assignments in Talkwalker. Instead of simply losing access to a listening tool and, therefore, graduating without understanding the value and concepts around social listening, NorthStar ensured that there was tool continuity for the university at a more cost-efficient price point.

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