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Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

Unleash Your Network Potential


SD-WAN – also referred to as Software Defined Wide Area Network, is an application-aware, over-the-top WAN connectivity service that uses policies to determine how application flows are directed over multiple underlay networks, irrespective of the underlay technologies or service providers who deliver them.


Choosing SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) can offer several advantages for organizations seeking efficient and cost-effective networking solutions. Here are some reasons why you might consider adopting SD-WAN:

Improved Network Performance

SD-WAN utilizes advanced traffic management techniques, such as dynamic path selection and load balancing, to optimize network performance. It enables intelligent routing of traffic based on real-time network conditions, ensuring optimal performance for critical applications and minimizing latency.

Cost Efficiency

SD-WAN can help reduce costs associated with traditional WAN infrastructure. By utilizing low-cost internet connections alongside existing MPLS or dedicated circuits, organizations can achieve significant cost savings without sacrificing network performance.

Scalability & Agility

SD-WAN provides a centralized management platform that allows for easy configuration and deployment of network services. It enables rapid provisioning of new sites or branch offices, making it suitable for organizations with dynamic network needs or those undergoing expansion.

Future Proofing

SD-WAN is adaptable and can support the integration of emerging technologies such as IoT (Internet of Things) and edge computing. It provides a foundation for future network innovations and can accommodate evolving business requirements.

Centralized Security & Policy Management

SD-WAN enables centralized management of security policies, ensuring consistent enforcement across the entire network. This simplifies the implementation and management of security measures, improving overall network security posture.

Simplified Management

SD-WAN centralizes network management, providing a unified view and control of the entire network. This simplifies configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting processes, reducing the need for manual intervention and streamlining IT operations.

Increased Security

SD-WAN solutions often incorporate built-in security features, such as encryption and firewall capabilities. They can also enable secure segmentation of network traffic, helping to protect sensitive data and ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations.

Performance Optimization

SD-WAN allows for application-aware routing, enabling prioritization and optimization of critical applications. Quality of Service (QoS) policies can be implemented to allocate network resources based on application requirements, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Cloud Readiness

SD-WAN is well-suited for organizations leveraging cloud services. It provides direct and efficient connectivity to cloud applications, ensuring optimal performance and reducing the reliance on backhauling traffic through a central data center.

Enhanced Reliability & Redundancy

SD-WAN supports automatic failover and dynamic path selection, enabling seamless traffic rerouting in the event of network failures or congestion. This improves network resilience and ensures continuous availability of critical applications.

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Why Choose NorthStar for your SD-WAN Needs?

There are many facets to consider when exploring SD-WAN solutions and it can be very confusing to figure out who is going to be the right SD-WAN partner for your company. We understand this and have helped other companies like yours navigate their way through this complex process.


We can help you identify the current state of your WAN architecture, identify your requirements and gaps, and help you choose the correct SD-WAN solution providers to bring in.

Audit Services

We will audit your current WAN architecture and provider(s) to determine if you are using the best and most cost-effective solution(s) for your business.


We can recommend SD-WAN solutions based on current industry trends and best practices, so you can be sure that you are receiving a quality solution.


In addition to securing the correct SD-WAN solution, we can often assist you with implementing new solutions.


We are SD-WAN supplier agnostic and work with numerous providers. We can offer the best options from multiple suppliers.

Cost Management

We want to provide you with a great SD-WAN solution within your budget and will work to make sure you are investing your money well.

NorthStar has reach and depth, tenured engineers and facilitators, and a deep bench of proven experience-based knowledge. We can help you assess your current state and identify SD-WAN solutions that will be the right fit for your organization.

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Is SD-WAN Right for Your Organization?

Determining whether SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) is right for you depends on your specific network requirements and business needs. Consider the following factors:

Multi-site Connectivity

If your organization has multiple branch offices or locations that need to be connected and communicate efficiently, SD-WAN can simplify network management and provide centralized control, making it easier to connect and manage your distributed network infrastructure.


If you're looking to reduce costs associated with traditional WAN solutions, SD-WAN can potentially provide cost savings by utilizing more affordable network connectivity options, optimizing bandwidth usage, and reducing the need for expensive dedicated connections.

Application Performance

If you have critical applications that require optimized performance, reduced latency, and enhanced user experience, SD-WAN can help prioritize and optimize application traffic, improving performance across your network.

Scalability & Flexibility

If your network needs are expected to grow or change over time, SD-WAN can provide scalability and flexibility to adapt to evolving requirements, allowing you to easily add or modify network connections as needed.

Simplified Management

If you want to simplify network management and have centralized visibility and control over your network infrastructure, SD-WAN can provide a unified management interface, making it easier to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot your network.


If you require advanced security features for your network traffic, such as encryption, authentication, and threat detection, SD-WAN solutions often offer built-in security capabilities to protect your data and maintain compliance.

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  • How does CCaaS differ from traditional on-premise contact center solutions?
    CCaaS operates in the cloud, which means that the software and infrastructure are hosted by a third-party provider. In contrast, traditional on-premise contact center solutions require companies to manage their hardware and software on-site.
  • Will I be able to keep my existing PBX and just migrate my contact center to CCaaS?
    Yes, we would be able to implement an "overlay" architecture which would allow you to keep your PBX and the CCaaS would be on top of your PBX. This is a very popular solution.
  • What features does CCaaS typically include?
    CCaaS platforms generally include features such as call routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), omnichannel support (email, chat, social media), call recording, real-time analytics, workforce management, and integration with CRM systems.
  • Can CCaaS support multi-channel customer interactions?
    Yes, CCaaS platforms offer omnichannel support, enabling businesses to handle customer interactions across various channels, such as voice, email, chat, and social media, from a unified interface.
  • Is there redundancy already built in with a CCaaS solution or will I have to provide for that?
    Yes, redundancy is already built in with a cloud solution. There are multiple geo data centers in place to support all types of transmissions and applications. Within the data centers there are multiple redundant servers and microservers available to support the businesses to prevent outages.
  • How long will it take to implement a CCaaS solution?
    It will all depend on the existing environment (network, number of seats, business type, etc.) that is in place. Hwever, in most cases a 45-60 day implementation timeline (after solution selection is made) would be the average which would include the planning, implementation and support.
  • Is CCaaS suitable for small businesses?
    Yes, CCaaS can be a viable solution for small businesses as it allows them to access advanced contact center capabilities without the need for significant upfront investments in infrastructure.
  • How does CCaaS support remote work?
    CCaaS platforms enable agents to work remotely as long as they have an internet connection. Agents can access the contact center system and handle customer interactions from anywhere, enhancing workforce flexibility.
  • Is CCaaS secure and compliant with industry regulations?
    Reputable CCaaS providers prioritize security and compliance with industry standards such as GDPR and HIPAA. They implement robust security measures to protect customer data and ensure data privacy.
  • Do I have to purchase a full contact center seat, or will I have the option to choose only what I need at a given time?
    This is one of the many benefits of a CCaaS solution. You can choose only what you need at first (e.g. You can have an ACD & IVR only, without Omni-channel or WFO)

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