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Talent Optimization

Removing talent-related obstacles to strategic goal accomplishment

We focus on Results vs. Resumes

Successful strategy realization depends on leadership and talent alignment. When a leadership team is moving in the same direction and aligns team dynamics, culture, and organization with strategy, they eliminate the talent-related friction that impacts realizing their strategic goals.

We Deliver! 100% Every Time!

Talent Optimization Assessment

Assess the alignment of your talent strategy with your business strategy.

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Build cohesive,

goal-focused teams.


Hire with certainty.


Lead with purpose.


Keep your people engaged.

Talent Optimization Framework

Predictive Index Talent Optimization Framework depicting business strategy on the left and business redults on the right with Predictive Index modules of Design, Hire, Inspire, and Diagnose in the center.

As a Predictive Index Certified Partner, NorthStar combines its nearly two decades of experience understanding and defining the keys to strategic goal accomplishment and its proven skills at building and leading high-performing teams, with its team of talent professionals powered by the industry-leading Talent Optimization platform to help our clients align their talent strategy with their business strategy to optimize their talent and improve the realization of their strategic goals.

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Value-added, White-glove Staffing Support

Categories and Roles

  • Business Architects

  • Business Process SMEs

  • Systems Engineers

  • Process Improvement SMEs

  • Lean/Six Sigma SMEs


  • Proven Discovery & Alignment Process

  • Business SME vs. Recruiter sourcing & screening

  • Focus on behavioral and cognitive success indicators and intangibles vs. keyword matching

  • Success across a wide range of Business & Technology Roles

  • Junior to Senior, Full-time to Fractional Support

  • Flexible Right-to-Hire Terms

Services Offered

NorthStar can provide quick turn-around 5-star contingent staffing support to augment your team when:

  • A hiring freeze has limited your ability to hire full-time staff.

  • HR is having a difficult time finding the right talent in a timely manner.

  • Skill and/or bandwidth gap.

  • Short duration needs.

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1:1 Team Assessment

Our Talent Optimization Team

Our team of certified Talent Optimization experts will work with you to ensure your talent strategy is aligned with your business strategy.

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