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The Right Person for Your Organization’s Specific Needs

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Talent Optimization

We help you design amazing teams, hire the best talent, inspire your team, and measure the overall team success.

Let us provide you with the best set of hands for your unique needs.

As a Predictive Index Partner, NorthStar brings talent optimization to life by helping you align the people strategy to business strategy.

We then help you implement Talent Optimization, instead of just hiring employees.

By deploying a Talent Optimization framework, you understand yourself, others, and teams—in relation to the business strategy—so you can make objective decisions.

We partner with you to develop a Talent Strategy for achieving your business goals by:

  • Designing amazing teams focused on business achieving business results.

  • Ensuring hiring managers are aligned to the business, behavioral, and cognitive needs for each position.

  • Inspiring team members by understanding them and then tailoring the way you manage them.

  • Measuring employee engagement to stay ahead of challenges and keep a pulse on the team overall.

With our Talent Optimization solutions, we help you define the people and business metrics that will lead to business success.

Our Team Will Help:

  • Identify your strategic goals.

  • Align your business goals to your business needs.

  • Identify how talent supports a chosen strategy.

  • Identify gaps in culture, structure, or leadership.

  • Purposely design job requirements with specific behavioral and cognitive targets for the position.

Yes, we can also help you with Talent Acquisition. We are very good at this component of Talent Strategy.

We Partner with You to Support:

  • White-glove supplemental staffing that finds top tier talent to augment your current resources.

  • Veteran hiring program support programs that find the best veteran talent for your needs.

  • Contract solutions that provide talent to augment a project for its duration.

  • Contract-to-hire solutions for when you need to temporarily build out your capabilities while you are testing out the potential to hire a full-time employee.

  • Direct hire solutions that result in making the right hire the first time around.

We offer a range of solutions to fulfill your Talent Optimization needs. Our methods are proven, and our outcomes exceptional.

We Work With:

  • Transformation and Operations Directors who struggle with transformation and change efforts because adoption is not successfully deployed across the organization.

  • Chief People Officers and Directors who need to rapidly find business leaders, not just another hire.

  • HR directors who are challenged by business unit leaders to align the work force and talent to current or upcoming projects.

Our Endstate: You now have effective teams that execute your strategies and are focused on achieving your business goals and objectives.

Now let's get some time to talk about your talent needs.

It will not cost you anything, other than your time, to spend 30-minutes with us.

Click here to contact us for an initial call to see how we can help you today!


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