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Providing a Comprehensive Global Social Strategy Playbook for a Fortune 350 Global Media Agency

A Fortune 350 Global Media Agency entrusted NorthStar with their client, a global leader in sports apparel. The agency came to NorthStar in need of a comprehensive global social strategy playbook, including insights-driven content strategy, channel consolidation and best-practice analytics training manuals for their client. In order to offer adequate services and create meaningful results, our staff had to step in and support the agency throughout this project.

Our team leveraged the agency’s tool stack to develop key insights across conversation, owned channel, audience and influencer evaluations. These insights and data drove the agency to the social strategy recommendations using a Start, Stop, Continue Approach to the brand’s future global strategy.

Supporting the project and client involved using social media analytics and benchmarking tools such as Brandwatch, Helixa, Tagger Media and Unmetric. These tools track billions of conversations happening online and allow brands and companies to understand consumer insights, trends, influencers, and brand perception. We were able to deliver audience insights that helped the global leader in sports apparel connect with its stakeholders.

About NorthStar: NorthStar Solutions Group is a team of management consultants that helps its Clients execute their business strategies and achieve their goals. 100%. Every Time.

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