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Reach Your Audience by Analyzing Social Conversation Trends

KNow Research, a qualitative insights consultancy, requested our support with their client, Financial Gym. As a new startup financial coaching service, Financial Gym wanted to connect with a younger audience that needs a “trainer” just like a fitness trainer would be. Initially, the plan to understand their audience was an in-person roadshow around the country. However, COVID-19 derailed those plans. NorthStar's objective was to analyze social conversation trends of users talking about personal finance perceptions on social media.

We helped the Financial Gym and its research firm by building a robust topic-level query capturing all conversations around personal finance perception over the past two years, including the current perception of how COVID influenced the conversation.

Our team provided two custom dashboards built in Talkwalker and trained the research firm and client on how to navigate the dashboards. This allowed them to go in at any point throughout the length of the project to see how conversation trends were changing in real-time, who was influential in that conversation and what the sentiment was.

Our analysis and insights helped KNow Research achieve three main objectives:

  • deliver targeting strategies for potential Financial Gym customers;

  • inspire messaging/marketing strategies to attract these customers,

  • and fine-tune and/or expand Financial Gym’s service offering.

About NorthStar: NorthStar Solutions Group is a team of management consultants that helps its Clients execute their business strategies and achieve their goals. 100%. Every Time.

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