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Hashtag Sports' Webinar - “How Social Media Can Empower and Drive Positive Change in Women’s Sports"

Our NorthStar team frequently sets up real-time social conversation webinars around key cultural events, like the Super Bowl, bringing marketing industry veterans together to watch the game live over an online meeting while our analysts show the real-time dashboards of social conversation reactions on the screen. Aware of our webinars, Hashtag Sports invited us to speak at the flagship virtual event panel on “How Social Media Can Empower and Drive Positive Change in Women’s Sports.”

After the Super Bowl, people were interested in seeing the same analysis for March Madness. Instead, inspired by March being Women’s History Month, we flipped the idea and did a real-time conversation webinar during the first round of the Women’s March Madness tournament. Our focus was on creating a real-time analysis of the opportunities for brands to better support Women’s Sports and for brands to “put their money where their mouth is” with corporate social responsibility campaigns about supporting women’s empowerment.

March Madness was a perfect example of inequality, sparked by Sedona Prince’s tweet and TikTok video of the weight room inequities in the March Madness bubble. The tweet happened the night before our webinar panel, so we got to see the reaction coming in real-time as the entire conversation around March Madness changed from what was happening on the court to why the women were not being treated the same way as the men. During the webinar for Hashtag Sports, our team put together a panel with Haley Rosen of Just Women’s Sports, Amber Cox of KCNWSL and Dr. Ceyda Mumcu of New Haven University, which ended up being one of the most talked about panels of the event.

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