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Application migration of Citrix Server environment due to EOL & age of existing systems

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Public Transport Company

The Request:

Our client engaged NorthStar to provide Citrix/XenApp consulting and engineering services in support of their Citrix Server Farm migration and upgrade project.

The Challenge:

One of their biggest concerns with the migration project was how the legacy applications would function in a new Citrix deployment. They had old government apps on old versions, including Microsoft Access and homegrown databases, as well as limited financial resources.

What We Did:

  • NorthStar mitigated this concern by performing extensive testing, working with the developers in-house, the business units that actively used the application, and the vendor when necessary.

  • Implemented a comprehensive communications plan to ensure involvement by stakeholders and end users.

  • Involved the corporate security team to the project to ensure proper regulations were followed.

  • Led iterative testing to ensure accuracy.

  • Implemented installation modifications and PowerShell scripts where needed.

  • Built new versions and deployments to resolve all technical issues.


Our client received a tailored solution based on our Citrix migration and upgrade best practices. While parts of the migration went smoothly, some unexpected issues arose. In those cases, the client benefitted from a NorthStar team committed to resolving all issues, even providing enhancements where needed. At the project’s close, the upgraded Citrix environment was more functional and useful than expected.

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