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Facilitating a content & digital marketing assessment

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Top Regional Healthcare System

Challenges the Client Faced

A large regional healthcare provider requested services from NorthStar Solutions Group to resolve the following challenges:

  • The client had 13 websites housed in 7 different domains. Each site had a different tool and method for content management, with several sites managed by external vendors. The client’s team was unsure how many pages they would need to migrate, and the level of effort required.

  • Lack of unified reporting platform to examine usage, detect trends, and optimize their websites.

  • Their reporting platform was underutilized, and the team was unsure how to apply learnings to site optimization.

  • The current digital strategy was outdated and disjointed.

Our Focus

Throughout the engagement, NorthStar streamlined and transformed:

  • Content inventory

  • Information architecture analysis & recommendation

  • Path to content migration

  • Analytics capabilities

  • Digital marketing capabilities

Our Transformative Solutions

NorthStar provided a content inventory of 13 websites under the client’s umbrella. The final report identified over 1,300 content pages that would require evaluation and possible migration to Sitecore. Of those pages, more than half were examined to provide a matching Sitecore page type, and to identify if other components would also require migration. NorthStar completed an analysis of the Google Analytics Reports and Dashboards and created a detailed list of all available reports, along with recommendations for additional reports that can be created to provide insights to the Digital Marketing team. NorthStar also provided a high-level explanation of the Sitecore Experience Analytics platform and offered a customized approach that the client’s team could follow to improve visibility into user behavior and engagement with their website.

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