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Implementing an audit process to increase efficiency in the production of deliverables

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

NorthStar Solutions Group was selected to improve the contract authoring and audit processes for a Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company. The company faced many challenges while generating deliverables due to the labor-intensive nature of the process. Frequent data requests were being addressed through manual Content Management System updates requiring lengthy data entry and data authentication projects. The manual data entry strategy was resulting in human error and the repetitiveness of the data entry tasks put constraints on the validity of the quality assurance process, both resulting in inefficient time management. When the process became backlogged, the department and the customer became adversely impacted.

Project Goals:

  • Gain visibility from various department members into the needs and requirements of the entire process

  • Create a broader project plan to provide expectations and warn of potential constraints

  • Diversify and automate tasks within the team to alleviate the repetitiveness of the tasks and reduce human error

  • Utilize statistics and weekly reports to establish a series of ongoing project plans to track and manage data entry and quality assurance tasks

By focusing on the core NorthStar principles of simplicity, operational efficiency, and continuous process improvement, NorthStar consultants implemented an effective solution.

  • Created a system audit to provide data consistency through Content Management System

  • Integrated disparate systems to achieve conformity throughout data entry process

  • Used SQL to query back end systems to reduce manual workload

  • Defined logic to standardize data entry process

  • Created support documentation and training materials

These were all accomplished without the use of expensive resources or outside vendors, hence creating a valuable solution which resulted in a more efficient method of producing deliverables and a more productive department within the company. The new tool reduced the amount of time and manual effort by simplifying the audit process through automation and reduced the number of errors impacting clients.

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