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Improving customer experience for our client’s end users and government regulators

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

A request to improve customer experience

A major telecommunications company sought assistance to adopt a new company wide customer focus. The client was suffering badly in image due to the perception that Customer Service was poor and with the idea that investment in improving the Customer Experience was lacking. The business was encountering pressure to improve Customer Experience from customers directly and from government regulators who were fielding customer complaints. Dated technologies and data systems, and an organization not aligned with customer needs left customers with long hold times, missed appointments, multiple repeat calls and high levels of dissatisfaction.

Required a view into the supporting processes and frameworks

The client was presently dealing with a large portfolio of opportunities that lacked focus and that lacked a project selection methodology. In addition, the metrics surrounding the success of any one project and the overall improvement in Customer Experience was not aligned with current business unit KPIs. The overall goal was to reduce product impairments, minimize the amount of time to identify the problem, and accelerate the time it takes to diagnose and repair through the application of advanced information management. The client wanted a methodology that would clearly show the expected improvement in customer experience with a given investment. A clear way to show how investments were having the intended effect, reduced customer friction, and improved customer journey was needed.

Solution: create roadmap, establish modern support processes, define customer journey

NorthStar’s solution was to approach the effort like a complex Organizational Change Management project. After assessing the organization and completing an inventory of projects under consideration, the team was focused towards communicating the value of the portfolio and the development of a suitable roadmap of capabilities. Each project was paired with expected business results and key performance indicators so that metric collection plans could be implemented as the capabilities were introduced. A strong methodology was developed to allow for project selection based on expected business results, engaging the proper stakeholders, and developing plans to ensure process changes were adopted. A journey mapping capability was introduced that clearly captured the current state of the journey under consideration for improvement and that clearly presented expected improvements when the associated project was completed. The journey mapping enabled consideration of advanced orchestration opportunities all with the clear goal of improving product performance, agent effectiveness, and overall customer experience.

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