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Leading the delivery of 2nd generation mobile self-service

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

A client asks us to help them deliver a mobile self-service portal

A Fortune 50 client chose NorthStar Solutions Group to lead the delivery of their 2nd generation mobile self-service portal. The successful delivery of the portal would enhance the client’s mobile posture, increase their self-service conversion rate, and realize their vision to have an industry leading customer experience.

At project inception, there were ambiguous, soft requirements that included both required and aspirational features. A heavy emphasis on wireframes as the sole requirement artifact uncovered gaps, and a shift in resources required a review of the user experience to ensure it met organizational branding guidelines.

NorthStar was tasked with separating the requirements into categories, establishing priority, decomposing the requirements into user stories, ensuring the prioritized features were the focus of the initial sprints, and the release timelines would be met. Dependent teams still operating under the waterfall methodology created difficulty with respect to cross-team integration and release planning. There was also difficulty in coordinating backlogs across dependent agile teams all sprinting at different tempos.

Results of our exceptional work

With NorthStar the company found a partner expertly skilled in performing the dual role of business analysis and product ownership. Since the NorthStar partnership commencement on this project in Q1 2013:

The company realized month over month improvements and by the end of Q4 2013 logins increased by 35%, and a healthy conversion rate grew with each release.

Delivery timing improved through sprint-over-sprint velocity improvements, which was achieved through performance analysis along with transparency and trust established in the team’s sprint retrospectives.

The team developed a methodology to consistently add features, capabilities, and content and as of Q4 2014 logins are at 1.4m per month.

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