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Leading the execution of enterprise web accessibility initiative

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

Confirming website accessibility for people with disabilities is critical and it is the law. For this effort, our client requested that NorthStar assist with implementing a screen reader to be used for people with blindness and visual impairments.

NorthStar's project management and business analysis team took a step-by-step approach to implementing accessibility on their existing website.

1. Reviewed existing audit report to assess severity and frequency of accessibility barriers, prioritized all issues.

2. Identified representatives from all impacted teams - web development, user design, QA/testing, business team - and built a communications plan.

3. Established an Agile team with an issue resolution plan.

4. Created and tracked user stories in priority for audit issues that require code fixes

Established testing plans and test accounts.

5. Communicated the post-audit report to all stakeholders and agile team.

6. Provided a demo of accessibility features via the screen reader to the business team

Followed-up on the success and use of the feature in production


  • Reinforced policy on web accessibility

  • Avoided discrimination and legal complications

  • Improved usability for all types of visitors

  • Promoted the organization's web accessibility policy into user stories for all agile teams

  • Ensured web accessibility coding policies were used for all future enhancements and redesigns

  • Built positive public relations

  • Bettered SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Broadened market penetration

  • Implemented repeatable code review processes which fostered more knowledge sharing and higher code accuracy

  • Ability to use the website for events featuring internal and invited accessibility experts

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