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Outsourcing for Reporting and Analytics Services

Our client, an independent NYC-based digital marketing agency well known for its strategy and creative expertise, lacked in-house reporting and analytics capabilities. The client attempted to use an automated marketing reporting tool but did not have staff with experience reviewing and optimizing dashboards for consistency and maximized value. Needing external support, the client decided to outsource their reporting and analytics and entrusted NorthStar to provide a solution.

Our staff fully integrated with their team's processes, built out reporting templates, analyzed data connection issues, developed best-in-class reporting structures and provided monthly analysis reports for the agency’s clients. During our time with the agency, they became confident in our capabilities and knowledge of their clients. NorthStar was trusted with sending reports directly to their clients using an agency-branded distribution email list.

Throughout the analysis and reports, our team used a multitude of tools such as DashThis, Later, Attentive, MailChimp, Klaviyo, Shopify, Google Analytics and Facebook Ads Manager. With our technical support behind the scenes, our client upgraded their services with reporting and analytics to better compete against other smaller independent agencies.

About NorthStar: NorthStar Solutions Group is a team of management consultants that helps its Clients execute their business strategies and achieve their goals. 100%. Every Time.

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