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Planning and Executing a Digital Transformation

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

The Request:

Because of our E-Commerce platforms & operations experience, our client asked NorthStar to support them in the planning, requirements development, and execution of their annual roadmap.

What We Did:

NorthStar provided expertise in the following areas: Project Management, Product Management, Incident Management, Business Engineering, and Content Management System.

  • Product management/Project management/Communications support for E-commerce Program Delivery.

  • Analyst support for Operations Delivery, Campaign Delivery, Content Delivery, Buy Flow Performance, and Buy Flow Delivery.

  • Business Operations Analysts responsible for operational readiness and production support activities specific to application functionality.

  • Content Management System (CMS) strategy and support including a Content Management Platform Product Owner who oversees CMS development strategies, architecture, and infrastructure requirements as well as UX support.

  • Training Managers to support Platform Owner with platform governance, workflow, end user training, and communications.

  • Information Architect to devise content strategy and taxonomy, and create the overall information governance plan.

  • Business Analysts embedded within the multiple ecommerce agile development teams writing user stories and documenting business requirements.

Benefits of this Solution

NorthStar's experts provided a holistic and thorough solution which allowed our client to meet their deadline for their critical E-Commerce digital transformation. Involving NorthStar solutions team members to help with almost every aspect of the transformation meant our client benefitted from top talent, big picture and inquisitive thinkers, and hands-on doers to accomplish this critical task.

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