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Reimagining remote and virtual desktop to save time and money

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Public Transport Company

The request

Our client’s major requirement was a VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solution to replace a shared Citrix desktop which, although working fine for several users, was not sufficiently secure or robust enough to handle up to 300 users. The client also requested this deployment be based on Windows 10.

Solution and results

NorthStar’s Citrix architects built and configured a Windows 10 VM (virtual machine) to the client’s specs with their necessary applications and configurations including Office 365. NorthStar consultants completed this deployment in several rounds; first with a pilot group of 10 users to evaluate and test this new desktop solution. With feedback and exhaustive testing, another deployment was completed. The users encountered no issues with accessing their home drives or applications, such as Outlook, as well as all other network functionality.

Many issues that had plagued the old Citrix farm, such as applications requiring audio or video replay, could be accessed on a per user basis on their own VMs. The VDIs were then rolled out to the users on an as needed basis.

The NorthStar approach

When a customer asks NorthStar for a solution, we make sure that we are addressing the base issue, and not just band-aiding a symptom. When a client tells us that an application does not work in their existing infrastructure, we approach the situation from a new and inquisitive point of view.

By using this approach, this client was able to save tremendous amounts of time and effort. Instead of having to sneaker-net applications and configurations to individual users and laptops throughout the organization, users were able to utilize Citrix storefront, a familiar web portal, to get the applications they need to do their job quickly and efficiently.

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