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Using Ethernet performance reporting to resolve data inconsistency, storage, and volume challenges

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

With this Fortune 50 client, there were different tolerance levels for data transfers over the network, depending on the data type that was transferred. Monitoring networks, above and beyond just performance (Network Availability, and Utilization) became more imperative for the customers.

Key challenges presented to NorthStar

1. Data inconsistencies were having a reverse effect on Care volumes. Adequate measures were not applied to ensure data corruption was managed from the source.

2. Data volume had to be collected from all the customer locations.

3. Data storage and transformation to a consumable format was requiring diligence from services perspective.

The NorthStar solution

As a resolution, the NorthStar team deployed Ethernet Performance Reports to display aggregated data points, month over month. To fully exploit the benefits of network reporting, the client was able to enhance the data collection and presentation at a higher frequency. The client also saw near real-time (hourly) data on the reports, furthering this case to it maximum potential.

Ethernet performance reports allowed the customers to detect, and monitor jitter, latency, and packet loss on the network. They were the first, albeit significant, step in the progressive direction that enabled our client to monitor their networks without having to call Customer Care. This encouraged customer transparency of service performance and reduced cross-talk to clarify services rendered from the client.

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