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Analyzing business traveler ‘stay behaviors’ for marketing opportunities

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

The client needed to understand their audience

The client was unsure of the percentage of business travelers staying at focused service brands who did not make reservations through corporate booking channels. They wanted to size this audience to see if there was enough to warrant targeting, to learn more about what their current relationship with the brand, and their stay behaviors as well as their demographics.

Using client data to gain information

Using a set of criteria on the client’s internal customer database, NorthStar identified a sizable audience of 6.4M. This project was the first time that the Brand Marketing team leveraged the customer data and insight provided by the Digital and Marketing Analytics team to identify a target audience. After the initial analysis was shared with the team, they asked NorthStar to present the findings to their agency so they could use the insights to target and message to this opportunity segment.

Benefits of NorthStar's solution

Learning of the sizable business traveler segment, this analysis provided the following value. 1) It identified the size and value of the BTO segment. 2) The customer profiles created for this segment helped the Brand Marketing team and their agency partner to determine the best way to reach these customers by looking at their relationship with our client and their past stay behaviors. The client could use this analysis to design an offer or rate that would appeal to this high value audience segment. This project provided examples of ways that the Digital & Marketing Analytics team could provide customer data and insights to help the Brand Marketing team to identify and better target specific customer groups.


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