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Analyzing website user behavior from incoming marketing channels

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

A worldwide hospitality company turned to NorthStar to help their marketing leaders make informed decisions based on website user behavior by incoming marketing channel. However, before complex analysis could be taken on, the digital marketing leaders of the company were ill-equipped to pull basic statistics on their own using the company’s preferred website analytics platform, Adobe Analytics. This resulted in experienced website analysts on the Analytics team having to spend the majority of their time answering a very high volume of one-off basic requests to pull one number at a time, leaving very minimal time for the complex analysis projects that the C-Suite was looking for.

For a 3-month timeframe, NorthStar worked daily with each digital marketing leader across the portfolio of hotel brands to understand common questions and data pulls that were needed on a frequent basis, digging into the reason behind those requests in order to be able to prepare in advance of recurring request patterns.

By compiling and categorizing each common question across brand teams, NorthStar was able to identify key KPIs and data visualizations that each digital marketing leader across the organization would benefit from having easy access to. NorthStar then took this plan to the C-Suite leadership teams for signoff, and then embarked on building self-service dashboards that covered each common KPI.

Over the next 2 months, NorthStar was able to build each a common self-service dashboard that each digital marketing leader across the company had access to. The dashboards themselves included clear directions for how to navigate, as well as reference guides uploaded to an intranet site. Finally, NorthStar led a recorded training session of the digital marketing leaders and their marketing colleagues that walked them through how to pull the basic information they were asking the Analytics team for previously. This freed up significant time for the Analytics team to focus on the larger, more complex analysis projects to inform the C-Suite.

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