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Centralizing interactive voice recognition (IVR) reporting environment

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

Looking for IVR and other dashboards

This Fortune 50 company contracted NorthStar for our talent to help where they struggled with the lack of a robust portal for reporting needs in order to drive business decisions/issues quickly and efficiently. The current environment provided users access to reports but with less visual appeal and effective, intuitive navigation. Many reports available at that time were detail-based and lacked a higher-level approach.  In addition, many questions surrounding report accessibility, displayed results, metric definitions and overall navigation were handled without the use of any formal communication channel.

BI reports & data best practices

The business’ environment possessed backend data in tables and other SQL objects whose formats were not as conducive to best practices for BI report development. The data was relational for the most part but more detailed-based, less summarized and not completely ID/measure-based.

Also, the organization had a desire for a more robust and visually appealing IVR reporting environment from what was currently being accessed by the business. They needed to consolidate detailed IVR reporting via dashboards and incorporate KPIs to allow for high level viewing of key IVR-based metrics, which would enhance the decision-making process. As well, the reports and dashboards needed to represent a single-entry point for managers and alike, which would generate a wider audience internally for the client and move toward a single source of truth.

A technical approach

NorthStar worked with the Client’s SQL team. ETL processes, encompassing SSIS packages to execute a new set of stored procedures and scripts, were also built to generate the daily backend data for reporting. From the client’s existing ETL processes and IVR table structures, additional processes were created to populate a set of new IVR-based FACT tables, specific to the needs of client. With this new structure, best practices were achieved by creating the proper framework for report development. Working in concert with the client surrounding their reporting needs, a suite of detailed IVR reports and KPIs were developed, which not only created an efficient and streamlined environment but a visually appealing one as well.

Results for our client

  • Centralized IVR reporting environment

  • Designated portal for the business’ reporting needs

  • Seamless transition from former reporting environment

  • Broader range of reporting from detailed to high level summarization/KPIs

  • Visually appealing and intuitive navigation

  • Consistent access and methodology to daily reporting questions/concerns

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