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Creating, generating, and delivering in-house reports

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

Our client's objective:

For this project, our client’s objective was to have their full suite of weekly vendor managed reports created, generated, and delivered in-house.

Our client was making use of an outside team to create and deliver their reports. Once they realized there were tangible benefits to bringing the work in-house, they asked NorthStar to utilize their internal team's capabilities to help reduce overall cost as well as curtail the number of persons needed to achieve the weekly deliverables.

NorthStar's solution:

As a member of the client’s internal team, the NorthStar expert assisted in documentation as well as learning the processes relating to the backend data and reporting technologies needed to drive the report deliverables. Each targeted report was transitioned over to NorthStar for ownership.

With full ownership of the vendor management reporting suite, NorthStar allowed members of our client’s team to both realize cost savings as well as focus on other pertinent initiatives to allow their productivity to be increased.

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