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Data ingestion, ETL, and analytics for Customer Engagement Platform migration

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

Summary of the request

Our client was migrating to a new Customer Chat Platform (Nuance) and needed to retain the same level of reporting capability as their old Platform (eGain).

Our client's challenges

The client was inexperienced with extracting data from the product’s various APIs and needed assistance understanding and integrating data with various contact streams. Contact analysis and transcript level detail had to be reproduced following existing guidelines.

Our approach

  1. Phase 1, Discovery: NorthStar's data team worked with the business to define and build requirements.

  2. Phase 2, Assessment: NorthStar's experts utilized the vendor documentation to determine the appropriate Nuance APIs needed and develop an ETL process.

  3. Phase 3, Implementation: Data had to be normalized to fit into an existing structure based on the previous platform development.

The results

The results were a quick turnaround and seamless transition from the old chat platform to new providing downstream users with an uninterrupted flow of data. Providing analysis such as Customer Sentiment and Customer Resolution Rate allowed the client to compare the new platform performance versus their established trends to identify and resolve issues early on in the rollout.

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