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Discovering Insights for the Client's Campaigns

Through our client Good Run, NorthStar was contracted by a leading automotive manufacturer with a long-standing history of passionate fans to leverage social conversation analysis and audience affinity analysis. With our team's expertise in analytics, we discovered insights for upcoming campaigns for several of the automotive company’s nameplates. NorthStar demonstrated its professionalism and experience in data analysis and delivery of end results that helps clients define their audience.

NorthStar collected and analyzed data to understand what drove positive and negative social conversations about each nameplate. To further understand the audience, Northstar evaluated each user that mentioned a nameplate on social media. By pointing out key interests of each nameplate’s audience, we were able to find unique points of differentiation between nameplates that could be emphasized in campaigns. The interests we studied included TV shows, movies, music, brands and influencers.

With the help of in-depth analyses from Talkwalker and Zoomph, NorthStar was able to understand and differentiate across audiences and their affinity with nameplates. The information and results helped the automotive manufacturer successfully develop and execute upcoming campaigns.

About NorthStar: NorthStar Solutions Group is a team of management consultants that helps its Clients execute their business strategies and achieve their goals. 100%. Every Time.

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