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Extending a social analytics team to meet an immediate need

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 350 Global Media Agency

A global media agency, whose Social Analytics team is based in NYC, had recently won a major piece of new business with a Fortune 350 client, needing to support 15+ brands with ad-hoc and monthly analysis on social conversation sentiment, post content performance, influencer affinity and campaign recaps. Their current staff was already busy, so the agency quickly needed strong social media analysts with knowledge of many leading social analytics tools (Brandwatch, Talkwalker, Infegy, Helixa, Sprinklr, Tagger Media, Shareablee, Sylo and Unmetric) to become an extension of their team.

They turned to NorthStar, who provided seasoned, local NYC-based social media analysts able to be in-office 5 days a week. NorthStar was able to recruit, vet, secure, onboard and integrate a dedicated team of social media analysts within 3 weeks of the request. Fast forward a year later, and NorthStar's analysts are not only seen as an essential part of the agency's team, but are leading some of the most important social media analysis projects the agency is working on, across all of the agency's accounts.

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