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Generating reports from near real-time Contact Center call data

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

Our history with the client

We have been working with our Fortune 50 Telecommunications client since 2004 in many aspects of their business. Recently their customer call data became available as near real-time, so they asked us to create reports from this data.

Our client's goal was to capture and report on the call data as early as possible so that this important information would be shared with other groups as well as give them the ability to ingest the data into other systems. The call data is important because it is a record of a telephone exchange or telecommunications transaction. Near real-time availability of this data is critical to companies so they can act quickly and decisively.

How we continue to make positive impacts

With this change in reporting functionality, our client is now able to view call data much earlier and other users are able to grab the data earlier. It also allowed the client to get overnight calls that were on occasion missed due to timing. Overall, it sped up the reporting process and improved accuracy of the data.

Our NorthStar expert adjusted the current process which pulled data once a day for the previous day to a new process which ran hourly to grab the previous 6 hours of calls or any call that had been modified in the last 6 hours.

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