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Hashtag Sports 2021 Virtual Event

Watch former NorthStar's Social Media Intelligence Lead, Frank Gregory, walk through an analysis of the 2021 Women's College Basketball Tournament social media conversation.

June 15th, 2021, Hashtag Sports 2021 VRTL: NorthStar's former practice lead, Frank Gregory, walked through a recent analysis of the 2021 Women's College Basketball Tournament social media conversation and discussed "How Social Media Can Empower & Drive Change In Women's Sports" with Haley Rosen (Founder, Just Women's Sports), Amber Cox (COO, KC NWSL) and Dr. Ceyda Mumcu (Associate Professor of Sports Management, University of New Haven.

"I was psyched to be participating in a panel at the Hashtag Sports #HS21 flagship virtual event,” said Frank Gregory. “We dove into some of the insights found during NorthStar Solutions Group’s #SkipWorkToSupportWomen real-time social media conversation analysis webinar that we conducted during the Women's College Basketball Tournament. Thanks to Matthew Barry & Nick Brenner from Talkwalker and Mary Frances Ierlan from Zoomph for the insights they brought to our panel back in March. We also discussed the implications of those insights, and how they presented both challenges & opportunities for the future of Women's Sports,” Frank stated.

You can watch the full video below or by clicking here.

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