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Providing insights on the marketability of an athlete from a data driven perspective

Following the success of NorthStar's analysis on SportsPro Media's 50 Most Marketable lists last year, NorthStar and SportsPro have teamed up to take the discussion one step further. NorthStar's CEO, Chris Collins, and SportsPro's Editorial Director, Michael Long, are discussing Athlete Marketability at #SPLIVE22 on April 27th at 3:05 BST / 10:05 ET.

This discussion couples SportsPro Media's extensive knowledge of the sports industry with NorthStar's technology-agnostic approach to gathering actionable and insightful data for decision making. From last year's analysis of the brands, athletes, and properties lists, NorthStar was able to distill key themes from the data. One example was the correlations in cultural trends between the analysis of the 50 Most Marketable Athletes list and the 50 Most Marketable Brands list.

NorthStar knows, from its previous analysis, that the data-driven approach will focus decisive action in the sports industry at every level. Social intelligence is something that General Managers and Owners can use to monitor the health of their brands while scouting new talent and the buzz around them and their individual brands. It will help teams, athletes, sponsors, venues, and others to focus decision making on the results of the data.

Chris and Michael's session is expected to run for about 30 minutes, and it should be interesting to hear what Chris has to say.

You can learn more about NorthStar's approach to social intelligence by visiting the NorthStar Social Media Intelligence webpage at

If you would like a demo of NorthStar's capability, please send an email to

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