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Identifying high value non-loyalty customers for marketing campaigns to increase revenue

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

Client needed help increasing customer loyalty

NorthStar was tasked with helping a large hospitality company increase its number of Honors enrollments from non-Honors customers who had at least one stay at one of the properties but still had not joined the Honors loyalty program. The first goal of the project was to identify the highest value Non-Honors customers. NorthStar’s analysis leveraged our client’s internal customer database to identify 3.4M high value non-honors members. At the time, these customers had an average folio over $1,000.

Analysis & insights

This analysis identified who the most valuable Non-Honors customers were and then what segment they fit into. By breaking these customers into 4 distinct segments, the Honors team determined which groups to target and then provided insights on how to reach them based on their current relationship with the client and their past stay behaviors.

  • High Value Mixed Behavior

  • High Value Extended Stay

  • High Value Dominant Luxury Brand Stay

  • High Value High Frequency Stay

This analysis proved valuable to not only the Honors team but also the CRM email team as well as the Honors Marketing team as they plan for future campaigns. This project also included tagging these customers in the database which allowed the CRM email team to specifically target them with messaging and for the Digital & Marketing Analytics team to revisit these customers for future analysis. Future analysis may include: How many joined Honors? How did they enroll? Are they still High Value customers? Have their stay behaviors changed post enrollment?

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