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Identifying issues within website and digital assets

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

NorthStar resolves significant customer problems for our client

A leading hospitality company was experiencing delays and long period gaps before identifying issues and crashes on its website and mobile platform causing loss of revenue and impacting customer experiences. Client sought to implement a solution and program that reduced gaps in identifying issues resulting in increased revenue and improved customer experience.

In collaboration with multiple areas within the Clients Digital Organization and utilizing a series of tools and functionality, a 4 phased program was implemented to combat a series of areas and issues that were identified as key drivers:

  • Real Time Dashboard

  • Proactive Monitoring KPI Dashboards

  • Intelligence Alerts

  • Communication Plan

Working together, the program proved to be extremely valuable. Key results:

  • Time to identify issues went from 3.5 days to 3 hours

  • $17.5M reduction in lost revenue comparing issues pre-launch vs. post-launch


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