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Integrating Organizational Change Management & Project Management

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

January 27, 2021: Program & project management thought leadership

Full capabilities delivery through project management + organizational change management

If a company is going to be good at Strategy Execution, it must know how to synchronize among a number of capabilities. There are many benefits of integrating Project Management and Organizational Change Management. In summary, Project Management + Organizational Change Management is greater than the sum of its parts.

Along with many other benefits, a company that knows how to leverage its Organizational Change Management capabilities alongside its Project Management will have better adoption and acceptance of its products, services, and results.

For example, a Company A completes a project to enhance its internal invoicing management system. What if Company A's finance team does not know about these changes? What if the project completes without their awareness? What if Company A does not train the finance team? Imagine if the staff does not know or expect the changes and they do not know how to get out the invoices in a timely manner.

In this example, putting the right focus and attention to the human side of the change means that financial risks are mitigated, new software is more likely to be adopted, and there is an increased likelihood that the outcome of the project aligns to the corporate strategy.

Benefits of a Holistic Approach:

  • Trained & knowledgeable end users & support team improves productivity

  • Efficient processes mitigate gaps & redundancies

  • Project activities, scope, schedule, & budget are delivered

  • Communication at every stage drives full adoption of change/project

  • Defined feedback loop increases satisfaction

  • Clear requirements help full upstream & downstream assessment

  • Established success metrics (KPIs/OKRs) to achieve desired results

  • Governance defines decision-making & project authority

  • Integrate IT delivery platform with business process for scalability

Given that "change is the only constant", it only makes sense for companies to learn to couple Organizational Change Management with Project Management.

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