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Integrating social media in the contact center to improve customer experience

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

The client's request

A client tasked NorthStar with improving the accuracy of their Contact Center's behavior tracking to optimize the customer experience. The client had recently created a Digital Care team to handle modern contact channels (Social, Messaging, Chat, Forums) however this data remained siloed from their legacy channels (Voice, Retail). The result was an incomplete picture of their customer contact behavior and an inability to measure the modern channel's effectiveness in improving customer experience.

Data ingestion & analysis is the solution

Utilizing the social platform's REST API technology, NorthStar was able to ingest data from the modern channels into the corporate data lake combining it with legacy contact channel data. This consolidation of data allowed the client to track their initial customer contact resolution within and across all channels and determine resolution rate of customers who contact via social media but might end up reverting to legacy channels for follow-up. Analysis of this data allowed the Digital Care team to improve the handling of social media contacts and engage with the customers to drive a more proactive strategy to enhance their experience.

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