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Lowering data ingestion cost for our client

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

NorthStar provided Fortune 50 telecommunications and media company with Big Data and Analytics talent for their network content delivery team. The client was using an off-the-shelf vendor solution for ingesting, storing, and presenting infrastructure log data that fulfilled the initial functional requirements, but was costly. Our client wanted better analytic functionality in the long run, but needed to reduce data ingested into the tool to reduce vendor costs in the interim while maintaining as much functionality and value from their system's data.

Throughout our tenure with this project, we encountered a few challenges. One of the challenges included the size of the data being addressed was very large. One subset of it was measured on the order of hundreds of millions of events per minute. A variety of data was ingested into this system, including billing data in which integrity and accountability needed to be maintained. By the time NorthStar was engaged, the remaining organizational timeline was 3 months to support critical vendor negotiation. When engaged, there were no requirements other than to reduce data ingested into the vendor tool to reduce cost by a certain date and with no impact to the organization, and the organization neither knew what maximum value from their data was nor how to best achieve good value.

In order to solve and fulfill the client’s need, NorthStar analyzed business operations and goals, resources available, and capabilities of the tools available and developed a mathematical algorithm to sample less valuable data while maintaining 100% of billing and other mission critical data. NorthStar led this high-stakes, high-visibility, multi-team effort and provided timely and in depth data analysis tooling to communicate the project story with various technical, customer support, project management, and up through president-level staff within the organization.

With the help of NorthStar, we gave the client their desired advantage in negotiations in time and the data ingest was reduced by 90% which resulted in a recurring annual client cost reduction of approximately $7M. NorthStar also helped the client achieve a year-over-year cost reduction, a minimized user impact by retaining mission critical data while maintaining the same user interface, as well as generating a further value by decreasing user query durations as well as reducing hardware operations and maintenance costs by over 90% as well.

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