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Monitoring and reporting on social media influencer events

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Experiential Marketing Agency

A well-known NYC experiential marketing agency turned to NorthStar when they were strapped for resources and needed to quickly execute social media conversation monitoring and reporting for a major social influencer-driven music festival event they were producing for a Fortune 10 client of theirs. The campaign would cover real-time influencer content distribution across multiple coinciding events in multiple cities, driving consumers to a website & social media to create their own content around a set of hashtags.

Within less than 48 hours, NorthStar executed a support agreement, pulled together a team of skilled social media analysts, rapidly gained a thorough understanding of the project, created a detailed monitoring plan using Talkwalker, a leading social analytics tool, and then performed day-of-event social media monitoring with Talkwalker and the agency's Crimson Hexagon license. This included capturing, evaluating and flagging real-time positive & negative commentary during the event, as well as hourly recaps of conversation volume & influencer highlights sent to the agency's on-site production team. After the event, NorthStar analyzed the social conversation comprehensively, presenting key insights & recommendations to the agency client as part of the post-event recap report. As a result of NorthStar’s agility, in-house skill set and ability to execute, the project was a resounding success.

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