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Overhauling project processes to increase transparency, accountability, and maturity

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

A major subscription television company was facing challenges with their project management processes and tools including variance in the way project details were developed, difficult project prioritization, no consistent or standard project reporting, and communication was not formalized. As a result, there were few linkages between the projects selected and the strategies that were being pursued. The business unit recognized the need for more mature project portfolio management tools and processes to provide the managers and decision makers with information to drive strategic and financial decisions.

NorthStar started the effort by applying a well thought out PPM maturity assessment and project inventory. The approach included a strong emphasis on change management and included stakeholder engagement and communications to emphasize project sponsorship and to ensure the changes envisioned and the selected tool would gain widespread adoption. NorthStar’s methodology included key PM stakeholders as champions and as those who could uncover organization specific requirements. Tool selection included a logical comparison of the identified requirements with the attributes of the various PPM tools.

NorthStar designed an effective integration plan that included required training and stakeholder engagement activities to accelerate the adoption of the tool. Early adopters were selected to demonstrate the ease of entry and to refine processes tailored to the organization. Quick wins helped maintain momentum and additional projects were integrated. Once the full portfolio was integrated, NorthStar assisted in the creation of appropriate reports and decision tools.

The client’s challenges were resolved by utilizing NorthStar’s systematic PPM selection and implementation processes. NorthStar helped the company through a significant organizational change, selected an appropriate tool, trained PM to use the tool, and helped PM populate the tool with their project data. The changes implemented allowed for increased transparency and accountability; projects that completed beyond their delivery date were reduced by 30% and the number of red and yellow projects combined were cut in half. This allowed the customer’s key measure of success to increase.

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