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Providing valuable insights into social conversations for the sports industry

NorthStar is pleased to announce that it is a Gold Sponsor of SportsPro Media's SportsPro Live 22 event in London on the 26th and 27th of April.

This is the first time that SportsPro has had a live event since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. Despite the fact that the industry had not met in person in over a year, NorthStar and Sports Pro Media have been hard at work on the 50 Most Marketable lists.

Last year, SportsPro and NorthStar teamed up to provide social intelligence analysis on the #50MM brands, athletes and properties in the sports industry. The analysis was full of interesting insights that were actionable. For example, the team found some intriguing correlations in cultural trends between the analysis of the 50 Most Marketable Athletes list and the 50 Most Marketable Brands list.

Stay connected with NorthStar on social media to receive the latest in analysis and coverage on these topics, as they conduct a deeper analysis into the summer. The projected release of their analysis is near the end of the summer.

If you want to contact NorthStar, please use the email

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