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Saving a multi-million investment with a “one CMS, one site” strategy

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

The request for help

A global media and technology company's Digital Center of Excellence chose NorthStar Solutions Group to develop a content management strategy and save a multi-million-dollar Content Management System (CMS) investment from getting replaced prior to being fully operationalized. In addition to selecting key technology vendors to partner with, NorthStar focused on changing the mindset to a “one CMS, one site” objective operating on key principles of simplicity, operational efficiency, and business process improvement.

The challenge

With the project dangerously close to failure and the technology in jeopardy of getting thrown out, the client turned to the management consultants at NorthStar for help. The NorthStar engagement helped them evolve from having an over-customized, disparate system unable to scale to meet the needs of its enterprise stakeholders, to a stable, scalable and highly efficient platform operating on the vendor’s latest technology.

How NorthStar solved the problem

With NorthStar, our client found a partner with industry leading domain expertise and proven success in implementing and operationalizing content management systems. NorthStar was engaged to augment internal teams and systematically drive improvement in the following ways:

  • Develop a continuous upgrade model

  • Define taxonomies

  • Mature governance and workflow processes

  • Automate configuration and code promotion

  • Upgrade platform infrastructure

  • Create user support and training models

  • Define information and system governance processes

On-going project and change support

Since engaging with NorthStar in 2013, the company overcame numerous challenges with their CMS platform. In addition to multiple successful upgrades to the latest CMS version, they implemented a new governance model for both content and systems, and adopted a recommended user support and training program. They also streamlined delivery teams and moved to operating under consolidated code releases on a standard schedule. These changes have resulted in protection of their investment and ability to leverage an enterprise-wide solution across multiple channels for years to come.

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