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Social Media Intelligence Tools for the 2021 Super Bowl

Here is a perfect example of the impact of social media intelligence.

The Big Game has always been important to marketers all over the world. It's the one night of the year that consumers actually WANT to watch the ads.

The emergence of social media has made the game even more important to marketers in recent years, as it provides an instant measurement of consumer reaction to the ad. Using Social Media Intelligence tools, marketers can see the conversation spike in real-time after their commercial airs. Within seconds, they can find out the sentiment of the conversation (positive, negative, neutral), the influencers driving the conversation, and where geographically the conversation is taking place. They can then track how long the conversation lasts, and stack themselves up against the other ads that ran over the course of the game.

But Social Media Intelligence analysis isn't just for the marketers who are running ads during the game. Many leading marketers whose brands don't have ads running are still monitoring the social conversation using Social Media Intelligence, looking for exactly the right timely & industry-relevant moment to join the conversation in order to drive attention & loyalty away from a competitor or drive traffic to their website.

Follow along throughout the game as Frank Gregory (veteran of multiple Big Game real-time analysis campaigns and Social Media Intelligence Practice Lead at NorthStar Solutions Group) uses his tools to monitor & analyze the social media conversation in real-time. Besides showcasing what the tools can visualize in real-time, he will also point out emerging moments where companies (of any size or industry) can (and should) be engaging in relevant & timely conversation trends to take advantage of the moment.

Plus, some of Frank's colleagues in the advertising agency, qualitative research & brand marketing industries will be popping in throughout the event to provide their take on the social media conversation reactions, including how they have helped brands in past years use real-time Social Media Intelligence to make the most of the moment during the Big Game.

About The Host:

Frank's path has always balanced marketing strategy and consumer research. Starting his career developing focus group and survey-based research methodologies, he shifted to digital and social media research to understand consumer perceptions in the ever-changing marketing landscape. Fast forward a decade in the social media analytics world, having built & led social analytics capabilities at ad agencies, marketing teams and research firms, Frank brings a unique perspective in how to analyze the millions of comments consumers share daily across every imaginable topic, and how marketers can drive business forward using insights from these consumer perception and behavior trends. Frank formerly was the Social Media Intelligence practice lead at NorthStar Solutions Group, supporting research firms, ad agencies and marketing teams with in-depth social media research & analysis, detailed custom query & dashboard building and ongoing brand/competitor/topic monitoring & reporting.

Frank has been involved in multiple advertising strategies for the Big Game over the years, but is most proud of the 2013 moment when the lights went out in the Mercedes Benz Superdome during the game. As lead analyst for Audi's social media team, he collaborated with the strategists & copywriters to quickly come up with an idea: have Audi send a light-hearted tweet at Mercedes offering to send some LED headlights to help with their lighting issue. To this day, that tweet hold Audi's record for most retweeted tweet ever.

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