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Supporting and coordinating our client’s OKR business process change

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

What the client asked for

NorthStar is providing talent services to our client’s streaming apps team to support and coordinate their Operational Key Result (OKR) business initiative for 8-10 teams. Our client was looking to focus the effort of their Stream App group on work that would have a proven and measurable result for their customers. Previously, there was no clear way of correlating the work done directly to customer value.

How we approached it

With NorthStar talent as the supporting Program Manager and Coach, we built a working partnership between Product Owners, Developers, QA, and Operations Support to define and clarify the most important needs for stream customers. These needs were targeted as the group's objectives. Capturing these needs and determining how to quantify them into Key Results (KRs) was a major mindset shift for the group. With NorthStar guidance, the teams had to decide what would best help "move the needle" for their customers for the targeted areas. Capturing, ranking, and measuring the projects with this focus in mind was a new challenge for the teams.

How the mindset shift helped meet the goals

With the help of NorthStar, our client reached several industry goals. All of the new teams were able to create concrete goals (objectives), with supporting metrics (key results) to build towards those goals. The teams were able to prioritize and focus on projects related to these goals. NorthStar has expanded their support of this effort to two additional areas and continues to lead and manage the implementation of projects focused on our client's objectives.

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