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Understand The Themes in Consumer Pain Points Through News Mentions

A DC-based corporate public relations agency accepted a project from a large global healthcare organization to identify and message corporate policy initiatives targeting government policymakers. The agency entrusted NorthStar to provide a deep-dive analysis of each drug brand’s perceptions across the organization’s portfolio. The goal was to understand the themes in consumer pain points and government policymakers mentioned in the news to help support certain initiatives the client had.

The agency had similar journeys in the pharmaceutical industry and worked through similar challenges with energy, technology, transportation and manufacturing clients. They wanted to help global healthcare organizations identify tangible actions that could be taken that are highly relevant to the stakeholders. NorthStar’s analysis informed key upcoming PR/Communications meetings that the agency had with the healthcare organization’s Government Relations team, which provided a roadmap for future conversations with policymakers.

Within the Talkwalker social listening tool, we captured all social, digital and news conversations mentioning the global healthcare organization and its portfolio of brands. This included the usage of the term from both a keyword and hashtag perspective. Some of the most important research goals were to present the analysis of how much of the conversation is about cost; is there conversations about what those drugs bring in terms of savings – to the system, to individuals or the value it adds by taking someone from being on disability to being a fully functioning member of society; is there a theme about the impact of recovery, improved management of a condition.

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