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Analyzing social conversation topics for a global hospitality brand

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

On behalf of our client, a global media agency, NorthStar assisted a global hospitality client by conducting a deep-dive social conversation analysis to inform the strategy of their upcoming campaign launch. The campaign was set to relaunch and change the perception of their greatest amenity, free hot breakfast.

In order to help the company implement their campaign, NorthStar evaluated 13 months of consumer conversations by using Brandwatch. Through our research, we were able to identify the social conversation drivers within the general hotel breakfast conversation (not specific to their brand) that drove the most positive sentiment, such as freshness & presentation (i.e. the ‘Instagram-worthy’ plate), a variety of health options, and personalized hospitable service. After identifying these drivers, we utilized Unmetric to compare the brand’s competitors’ content performance, benchmarking it to understand what content resonates best with hotel stayers in general.

After gaining insight from the brand content and consumer conversation research, we went further to identify and reach the brand’s target consumer audience for the campaign. Using Helixa, we identified actionable insights on the best timing to post campaign content on their social channels as well as what age groups and geographic location of consumers have high affinity for the brand. With the use of this analysis, the brand was able to launch a campaign that redefined their free hot breakfast options amongst consumers, placing them in a leadership position vs. their direct competitive set in terms of the best hotel to enjoy a free hot breakfast.

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