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Using social media influencers to guide campaign development and execution & performance reporting

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Worldwide Hospitality Corporation

Our media agency client was working with a global hospitality brand looking to use social media influencers to launch a major announcement around their brand’s partnership with space exploration. They came to NorthStar to support many aspects of the campaign, from account management & project management to influencer identification content ideation, day-of production execution and post-campaign performance reporting.

NorthStar used a stack of social media intelligence tools to support the campaign. First, NorthStar identified over 100+ qualified social media influencers through Tagger Media, then helped the client through the selection of 50 influencers to reach out to, with the achieved goal of partnering with 20 in total. NorthStar then used Sylo to authenticate these influencers to ensure robust campaign content performance reporting would be possible post-campaign, and that the influencers’ fan/follower activity was authentic throughout the campaign timeline.

NorthStar then set up social conversation tracking in Brandwatch to monitor the campaign in real-time for potential consumer engagement opportunities as consumers saw the influencer activity unfold on the streets of New York City. We continued to monitor a conversation in Brandwatch post-campaign, evaluating the campaign with quarterly reports (and upon-request quick-turn recaps for executives) that benchmarked brand conversation and competitive share of voice pre-campaign vs. the lift mid- and post-campaign. Finally, NorthStar leveraged Unmetric to analyze the impact of the brand’s owned posts in terms of engagement and reach, benchmarked against their average performance and that of competing hotel brands. Not only did the campaign win awards for its creativity, and drive lift in positive sentiment and share of voice for the brand, but brand executives were pleased with the extent of the social media analysis provided, being more robust and impactful than they had ever seen from previous campaign reporting.

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